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Kenshin Miyagusu Byakugan
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 Kenshin Miyagusu

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PostSubject: Kenshin Miyagusu   Kenshin Miyagusu Icon_minitimeFri Oct 22, 2010 6:36 pm

Name: Miyagusu , Kenshin

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Alignment: Evil



Personality: Kenshin is a relativly calm man.He is a cold , sadistic man. Some of his other personalitys he uses to get to people is a emotionless man. He is a con man. He really does not care for other people that he does not know. Kenshin is also psychologicaly defined as Skitzerfrenic. While despite being as stated before cold sadistic bastard he still cares for some people. He will try to save and that work with him or his family. If you betray him though he will not give a second thought to leaving you or showing you no mercy. He plays by his own rules

Origins: Pre-Academy arc

Kenshin was born into a normal family no clan no hidden jutsu. He had no father. It was him , his mother and two sisters. His older sister was named Meikumu and his Younger was named Tanoto. They had lived under poverty. Him and his sisters since they were able to walk and talk had to go out steal to survive. They did it for a while. One day his mother got a comfy job as the Kazekages secretary. She had good pay and they didnt have to steal anymore. At six Kenshin was able to enter the ninja Academy. He still stole little bits and was good at it as it was all he knew his whole life to do.

Academy Arc

Kenshin had been very serious about becoming a ninja. He almost never stopped training and studying in his early years. In his later years he met some friends. He hung out with them and they helped each other train. They passed the academy with flying colors each of them. Kenshin passed the academt with perfect scores he was called a child prodigy such as Kakashi was a as a young boy.

Genin Arc

Kenshin was luckily put in a squad with his freinds from the academy. His Sensei was his Uncle. Kenshin was happy with his squad. They had still alot of training to do and they did it together. While Finally they were assigned a mission of actual Danger. The mission was simple Investigate Merchants dissapearing between the trade routes of Suna and Konoha. So they went out disguised as Merchants. Kenshin had to stop to pee so he stopped while the others went on. They were ambushed while Kenshin was peeing. When Kenshin caught up One of his teamates were Dead , His Sensei was fighting and the other was injured. Kenshin Immediatly was sent into a rage and he helped his Sensei defeat them. His sensei was killed too by the end of it. Kenshin killed everyone of them only him and his teammate survived it. He then went to the chunnin exams and passed it.

Chunnin Arc

After barely passing the Chunnin exams Kenshin started to train imenesly. He knew at his current level he would never be a good ninja , he barley made Chunnin after all. He isolated himself from all others for 4 months while in plain sight. He didnt do anything but Eat , Sleep and Train. He worked on his Jutsu. Kenshin eventually returned to the world with his friends. They met up for a meal when he actually zoned back into life. He immediatly to test his Skill signed of for Jounin Exams the next day after he met up with his friends. Throughout that ime he was fighting the good feeling he got when killed those men.

Jounin Arc

Well since there is a Jounin arc you can tell he passed them. He did alot better than he did in te Chunnin exams. Kenshin was given Guard duty of the Konoha Gates. He was good at his job and a strict Guard beng Suspicous of anybody. His friend from Genin years that lived was Assigned with him 3 months after he became a Guard. His friend told him that you dont have to be suspicous of everyone as they are not all assassins or criminals some truly are Merchants , Ninja deliverys , and other things like that. Kenshin took that lesson to heart and became a generally nicer guy. Then about a week after that his friend was killed by that lesson. Kenshin again killed the men and the feeling sent him into enjoying the " thrill of the kill "

ANBU arc

Kenshin had joined the ANBU black ops at 16. Whenever he was sent out to bring in Missing Ninja he would kill them. He would always kill them. He enjoyed it and figured that no one would miss them. One day the Kazekage sent him to bring in a high ranked missing ninja. Kenshin killed him to. The Hokage snapped one day and gave his squad a mission to go kill a group of missing ninja rumored to be at a waterfall nearby. The true mission was to kill Kenshin. He was a threat to them apparently as the Kazekage put it. When they made there moved Kenshin cut them all down with his blade and Genjutsu. He was marked as a missing ninja. He left the village right after

Rank: S-Rank Missing Ninja

Village: EX-Sunagakure No Sato

Endurance: 4
Strength: 3
Dexterity: 4
Charm: 2

Strengths: Ninjutsu , Genjutsu , Creativity , Fuuinjutsu

Weaknesses: Taijutsu , Kenjutsu , Doujutsu

Fighting Style:

Elemental Affinity: Fuuton , Suiton , Raiton





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PostSubject: Re: Kenshin Miyagusu   Kenshin Miyagusu Icon_minitimeFri Oct 22, 2010 6:41 pm


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Kenshin Miyagusu
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