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Fon Uchiha Byakugan
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 Fon Uchiha

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PostSubject: Fon Uchiha   Fon Uchiha Icon_minitimeFri Oct 22, 2010 8:36 pm

Name: Fon Uchiha
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Alignment: Loyal
Appearance: He has short, spiky black hair that he never brushes do to lazyness. He has icy blue eyes that look as if he is looking through you. He has a scar under his right eye from when he was younger and got into an accident with a bear. He wears a necklace shaped like a heart with a diamond in the center of it.
Fon wears a black t-shirt with a blue skull on the right sleeve and a number 64 on the left sleeve. On the back of the t-shirt, he has a dragon, blue in color. Fon has a pare of cargo pants that are blue and black in color, that goes below his knees. He has a black belt like item leading from his back pocket to his front right pocket. He has black shoes with light blue laces. Sometimes, Fon can be seen wearing black, loose pants and a light blue t-shirt.
Personality: has a mysterious, stoic, and calm demeanor, sometimes has a very laid-back, "go with the flow" outlook on many things. he also is shown to have a very kind, heartful side. Mukuro is also shown to have a loyal side. When in battle, he is loyal to the person he is partnered up with and no other. He'll try his best to win the battle quickly, which is something he's working with on fixing. He loves to be in the company of others and hates darkness found within the hearts of people. Mukuro has also gained a hate, unlike him, towards the people who took his parents away, as he thinks. Sometimes he has shown to gain interest in battles. can become angry when his friends are hurt or injured. He is also willing to sacrifice things important to him to save his friends. Also a quick learner.
Origins: Fon doesn't remember who is parents were due to there deaths after his birth during a mission that risked his life. After birth and death of his parents, the Hokage, Takashi, took him in at the request by his parents as his child. He raised Fon as his own and as Fon got older, he was put into the Academy.
Academy Years: Fon was accepted into the Academy of the hidden leaf. While there, he overheard something about his parents dieing due to him having the 3 tailed beast sealed within his body. He ran away from the academy and was soon founded by his sensei. His sensei told him about how he was destined for so much more and how he should ignore the kids. Fon understood him and was taken back to the village. When he arrived, the hokage was there waiting for him. He hugged him closely. Shortly after, the kids graduated from the academy and were made Genin.
Rank: Genin
Village: Hidden Leaf

Endurance: 3
Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Intelligence: 3
Charm: 1

Strengths: Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Ninjutsu

Weaknesses: Fighting against girls, the smell of onions

Fighting Style: Taijutsu + Ninjutsu Style

Elemental Affinity Sand [Wind and Earth]



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Fon Uchiha
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