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Ookami Haru (All done!!) Byakugan
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 Ookami Haru (All done!!)

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Haru Li

Haru Li

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PostSubject: Ookami Haru (All done!!)   Ookami Haru (All done!!) Icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 5:19 pm

Ookami, Haru

Twelve. She was born on January 1st



Haru is a very beautiful girl, and truly looks her age. Her hair is very long, falling down to near her ankles, and it is a pretty blond color that is paler in sunlight, and very shiny. She takes good care of it, so it is very soft and silky. Two locks fall on either side of her face, held in place by two little beads. Her eyes are big and orange and have no pupils, as well as having very small whites. She has a kind face, and a small, petite body that is well-suited to her job. She seems to have a naturally smiling mouth and her bangs fall just over her eyes.
Haru almost always wears a black dress that has a skirt that only comes down to the first inch or so of her thighs in the front, and flares in the back. The sleeves are short, but dramatic, and her boots are black leather thigh-highs with straps and lace at the top. She has a headband that almost resembles that of a French maid, with black and white frills.
She has tattoos of small bat wings on her shoulder blades, and a large red seal in between the two of them. The seal is actually tattooed over her scar. The scar is large and narrow, and she has a matching scar on her chest (see History). The seal centers around the scar, rather than simply being put over it.

Haru's personality proves that looks can be deceiving. While she looks like a kind, innocent young girl, she is actually very cruel. Her words, though spoken with a child's sweet voice, cut sharper than a blade, and her bright eyes hide a sadistic, angry personality shocking of someone her age. She is full of suppressed rage and sorrow, and that trumps most any other emotions she may feel. She keeps a cold front up that is fitting of her origins, and is often compared to the ice and snow that surrounded her as a child. Her voice is as cold as her heart, and sends chills up your spine with every word.
She holds her jobs above anything else, even people's feelings or safety. Even her own safety is not considered a priority when it comes to a mission. She has no kindness in battle, and enjoys torturing her opponent as much as she can. She has no pity, compassion, or mercy, and is through and through a perfect weapon. She believes that battle is what defines who you are, even more than family or love or friends ever can.
Though she is obedient, Haru is anything but compliant. She follows orders because she must, and everyone knows it. She does not like being ordered around, and often gets quite angry if she is told to do something in a brutal, forceful manner. She thinks of herself as a wolf that is following the pack-leader's orders, rather than a dog being lead on a leash.
Haru works better alone, mostly because of her style. She tolerates others, but sees them as weaknesses. She doesn't think that she is more powerful than they, necessarily, but she believes that a person's power can only grow when they are left alone to struggle, and beat their opponents with their own power. Due to this, she sees any offer of help as someone suggesting that she is weak, which results in her becoming very angry.

Academy Days:
Leaving the Village and Finding Her Roots
Life in Otogakure
Ex- Koorigakure (Village Hidden in the Ice). She now resides in Otogakure.
Blood defines the world; whether you are "good" or "bad" only depends on whose blood is on your hands.
Reason you left village:
Haru left Koori for three reasons: 1. She was sick of taking orders, and being lied to. 2. She was also charged with murder. 3. She went to join the rest of her Clan.

Endurance: 3
Wisdom: 3
Agility: 4
Strength: 3
Dexterity: 2
Intelligence: 4
Stamina: 3
Charisma ...she doesn't like people
Chakra Control 3
Cooperation 1 or lower, depending on who it is
Charm: 2 (Based on looks alone)

Working alone, weak-minded people, self-conscious people, secrets
Working in a team, academic skills, written tests, talking about her past, her sister, Li
Fighting Style:
She is the kind of fighter who prefers to let you destroy yourself, merely for the amusement of it. She will find ways to make you hurt yourself, or make your teammates kill you. She has absolutely no qualms, however, with getting her hands dirty and killing you herself, and will do so if she wants to, or if you simply won't kill yourself.
She mostly uses illusion and ice jutsus.
Special Powers/Abilities:
She heals at an incredibly fast rate, and rarely ever gets sick. She is also extremely fast.
Elemental Affinity:
Illusion and Ice

Strength in Jutsu:
Ninjutsu [ninja techniques]: 2
Genjutsu [illusion techniques]: 4
Taijutsu [martial arts techniques]: 4
Kekkei Genkai [bloodline traits]: 3
Doujutsu [eye techniques]: 1
Kinjutsu [forbidden techniques]: 3
Fuuinjutsu [sealing techniques]: 2




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Haru Li

Haru Li

Posts : 13
Money : 26
Join date : 2010-10-24
Age : 23
Location : Everywhere

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PostSubject: Re: Ookami Haru (All done!!)   Ookami Haru (All done!!) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2010 6:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ookami Haru (All done!!)   Ookami Haru (All done!!) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 26, 2010 6:28 pm


Ookami Haru (All done!!) Signature_Ace_et_Teach_by_addictedtoc
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PostSubject: Re: Ookami Haru (All done!!)   Ookami Haru (All done!!) Icon_minitime

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Ookami Haru (All done!!)
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