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Obutsu sendo Byakugan
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 Obutsu sendo

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PostSubject: Obutsu sendo   Obutsu sendo Icon_minitimeMon Oct 25, 2010 9:14 pm

Name: Sendo, Obutsu
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Alignment: Good

Face: Obutsu has a very kindhearted and calm face. his expression can only reach a certain variety of kind and generous emotions. he is never seen with a frown or an angry expression because he is just that nice. His eyes are closed shut when others look at him, but he can see perfectly fine. his short white hair reflects the Sendo bloodline that he represents.

Body: in terms of his body, Obutsu is very slim. because he is skinny, he prefers to hide it with long and baggy kimonos of many different designs. usually he wears a white one that expands to his legs. Though, the fact that he is skinny is merely an illusion to his true strength. he is actually very strong despite his visual lack of raw muscle. though he does have a six pack that he is quite proud of.

Legs/Feet: Obutsu's legs and feet are very much like his body, skinny. though, Obutsu almost always wears baggy Japanese pants to cover them. though, yet again, it does not mean his legs are not strong, he can deal devastating kicks with his legs and can move quite quickly on them.

Personality: In his Village/Outside his Village: In and outside his village, Obutsu has a reputation of being the most kindhearted man alive. his smiles seem to bring a certain comfortable feeling to others, making them happy as well. he also loves to speak generously and maturely about things, though this does not mean he doesn't joke around. he loves to add comedy into situation because he believes that laughing is one of the gifts of life. While in his village, he speaks to his villagers and mingles with them even before he works on his kage work. he believes that most kage reside and dwell in their kage mansion, but he does not want to be one of them. thus, he finishes his work ahead of time so he can travel through his village, and even others, to live a decent social life.

Working: While working, Obutsu is still happy. in his mind, finishing the kage duties means that his people will be happy. for example, if he decides to build more houses, more people will be able to live in his country, thus bringing a certain happiness and security to them. he also makes sure that all Shinobi Missions are posted well ahead of time in or

Fighting: While fighting, Obutsu is still in a happy mood. Strangely, Obutsu actually likes to make conversation with the one whom he is fighting. though, this does not mean he fights easy. he still fights to the fullest of his Elemental jutsu ability. though, he does believe that his bloodline is much to dangerous to use anywhere. thus not many people see his bloodline in the works. he also loves to use his speed and taijutsu mastery around his the one he is fighting sense hand to hand is his strong point other than his bloodline jutsu.

Women: in terms of Women, Obutsu loves them. he tends to eyeball at them and compliment their body image openly. most women tend to take it as a joke, but he means it in the most honest way possible. he will openly say to a women that her butt is very nice without a second thought. Though, he also respects them greatly, he is surprisingly known as the generousness perv because of the fact that he still treats all women with the amount of respect he treats everyone with.


Child Arc: Obustu was born into the world, destined to live life without his mother. the Sendo curse had befallen his mother, killing her in the process. thus, Obutsu lived with his father for the most part. being raised, Obutsu realized that his father really didn't care for him. Even at a young age, Obutsu realized his father was merely seeking out possible mates for his physical desires. Soon enough, after realizing that his father had finally strayed from the proper ninja code, Obutsu ran away from home, hoping to never come back. At this point in his life, Obutsu was 7 years of age, his naive and rash behavior did not take into consideration the question on who was going to take care of him afterward.

Obutsu soon realized this after a week and a half without his father, realizing that he had a home with him, though he still lacked a father. he began to grow extremely hungry, only feeding on the scraps he could get from the slums of iwagakure. But, miraculously, Obutsu was taken in by an elderly shinobi couple.This couple took Obutsu in, and treated him like a real father should treat their son. Obutsu grew a strong bond with his new family, being encouraged to become a shinobi like them as well. late at night, he began to practice taijutsu routinely in order to be ready for the academy. he planned to pass the academy quickly in order to reach genin status, than chunin, than jounin, just like his new family had done.

Academy-Jounin Arc: During the academy, Obutsu seemed to be at the top of his class. not only did he master certain earth based jutsu ahead of his classmates, but he also began to master the minor jutsu's of his can. this surprised most of the people in the academy, thus he was pronounced a genin ahead of most of his class. he was than given the reputation of being a genius in terms of ninjutsu and taijutsu. Though, his genin trails took much longer than passing the academy. he was placed under the previous tuchikage as a teacher along with two others. the team that they were in was placed under difficult trials in order to be able to even participate in the chunin exams. they even had to go on numerous A rank missions (with the kage of course). Such difficulty scared Obutsu. Was the world as vicious as the missions made it seem?

Soon enough though, Obutsu was told by the kage that he was ready for the chunin exams. this made Obutsu very happy as this quest took him to the luscious konoha. the trails were held in the forest of death, in which Obutsu was well prepared for. he had masted much more earth, water, and minor wind based jutsu in order to reach such a rank in his genin category. than, as predicted by most of the supervisors, Obutsu passed with his team very quickly, ready to achieve the next status...jounin.

reaching Jounin status was a more peculiar process. This time, Obutsu merely had to take part in 2 S rank missions and survive them. To Obutsu, he thought it would be easy, two S rank missions, only 2 missions. This seemed like a very minor border between his ranks. however, it turned out to be quite different. on his first S rank missions, one of his comrades died in action. this made Obutsu well aware of the possibilities of such drastic and frightening missions. he realized, even though he still was dedicated to being a happy guy, that the world is full of death and danger. On his second mission, he saw his other partner die before him, and he couldn't do anything about it. though, he did complete the mission, he was dedicated to study Iijutsu as well as his taijutsu ninjutsu mastery. he studied a lot of the iijutsu ways so that he may not be put in such a place as to watch his friends die in front of him.

Such dedication soon brought him to being a possibility for Tsuchikage. Meanwhile, Obutsu mastered all his clan jutsu, a lot of earth jutsu, some water, one wind jutu, and even iijutsu. this made him a very multi-talented shinobi that the village counsel did appreciate. soon enough, he was made the tsuchikage, the rock king. Currently, Obutsu plans to make the rock village peaceful nation, despite the chaos so far. he is still a nice guy, but its merely an illusion that masks his true abilities.
Rank: Tsuchikage
Village: Iwagakure
Nindo: What is your ninja way?
Blood Type: A
Reason you left village:

Endurance: 4
Wisdom: 2
Agility: 5
Strength: 4
Dexterity: 3
Intelligence: 4
Stamina: 3
Charisma 3
Chakra Control 3
Cooperation 2
Charm: 3

[hoping this isn't too god moddish]

Strengths: Close combat, Sealing jutsu, Earth jutsu
Weaknesses: Genjutsu, lightning jutsu
Fighting Style: Taijutsu/Radiation release nintaijutsu
Special Powers/Abilities: Radiation Nintaijutsu, enhanced streangth, enhanced speed
Elemental Affinity: Earth, Water, Wind
Personal Jutsu: Radiation release

Strength in Jutsu:
Ninjutsu [ninja techniques]: 3
Genjutsu [illusion techniques]: 0
Taijutsu [martial arts techniques]: 4
Kekkei Genkai [bloodline traits]: 4
Doujutsu [eye techniques]: 0
Kinjutsu [forbidden techniques]: 0
Fuuinjutsu [sealing techniques]: 4






Role-Play Sample:

It was a silent and moonless night in iwagakure that day. Shadows seemed to whisper the guilt’s of the people walking around at that unspeakable hour, the night seemed to laugh at the regrets people have made, or at least that is what Obutsu thought. The night always seemed to make him think about negative ideas about himself and past memories that he was ashamed of. If it weren’t for the night, Obutsu may have been a much happier man, more so than he usually was. However, Day can not be without night, Good without evil, Pain without pleasure. Such ideals also haunted Obutsu. One may strive to seek peace without suffering, but how can someone when it does not exist? Obutsu had been seeking such a dream for years now, but there was not even a hint of that dream becoming a part of reality. Such truth made Obutsu dwell in the dark part of his soul, a place that he wished had not existed. It made him think about using force to bring up this peace, but that alone seems contradictory. Obutsu sighed in his candle lit kage office as he dwelled on these thoughts.

Thunder struck outside, immediately catching Obutsu’s attention. A sweat drop rolled down his face, he had been worrying himself much to long on this. He slouched back into his chair, sinking into its embrace and security as he forced himself to change to a brighter topic. If good could not be without evil, that evil could not be without good. He began to think about the good in life from that point on, what made all this pain and evil bearable. So far, his country was at peace with the other nations, his villagers were very supportive to him and appreciated his protection. He had the respect, the reputation, the life that he could only wish to have. To be able..no…scratch that..to be GIFTED with the opportunity to prove how much he cared about his fellow civilians and how much he respected them (more so than himself). This fact made Obutsu smile that extremely wide grin he always smiled during that day. He than began to think about the laughter and smiles in his past, the joy that not only he brought, but his people have brought to others as well. This made him feel proud that he was not the only one whom personified kindness and good nature. He had also heard word of other shinobi whom have fought for the sake of others, to save a life, to protect a greater purpose than themselves. This made Obutsu chuckle to himself. Good always defeated evil, ever since he was a child he read stories of the hero defeated the big bad guy in order to save or gain a significant aspect to his life. Than, maybe it was possible for such a thing as “world peace” to exist. Sure, it may be restricted and difficult to accomplish, but why shouldn’t it be possible if all evil can be overcome by good? He let a sigh of relief and relaxation escape his mouth as his bad thoughts of evil intentions and ill future began to be replaced by spirited and gentle thoughts.

Though, almost immediately, the candle in his kage office was blown out by a furtive wind that seemed to whisper at Obutsu. Obutsu was trapped in the shadows, confined by its enveloping grip. This made Obutsu frown, but not for any reason other than that it was dark and he could not see. Obutsu had successfully convinced himself that good was always present when evil was around, and that good would always overcome it. This made him be able to overcome this idiotic belief that the night brought out the dark facts of life, because it also brought out the great facts of life that overcame those dreaded truths. Obustu than stood up and walked over to a match which he lit in order to lite the candel back on fire again, providing light to flow through his office. This brought a warm feeling to his heart, a feeling that would stick with him from this day forward. His thoughts now drifted to the future of the ninja world, a heaven that was built on hard work and dedication to a brighter future. Though such a goal could not be accomplished alone, Obutsu new that there would be many other shinobi that would seek out this dream, from all around the world. Ninja’s from konoha, from the mist, from the and village, and from the cloud village all working and overcoming hardships in order to reach their final destination, that bright future that Obutsu could barely wait to see. He walked back to his chair and relaxed in it, thinking of these happy thoughts until he looked down onto his desk, realizing a grim sight. There was a gigantic stack of paper work on his desk, paper work that needed him to stamp them for approval or disapproval after reading each word in each section of each paper. His jaw dropped as he face palmed himself into his desk multiple times. He now new why he strayed of into such a thought process, it was because he wanted to do something, anything, more so than what he had to do. He slouched back in his chair and sighed. This, this stack of evil and impending doom on his desk…. laughed in his face. He began to raise himself out of his chair and grabbed a pen. With another sigh, he finally grasped the energy and dedication to get started. The inertia made him continue his work until it was finished. He had to believe that this hardship was in the way of his brighter future, his brighter future without a humongous paper tower on his desk. Though, it would take a lot more work and a lot longer to find a way and to complete the steps in order to obtain that certain future that Obutsu really wanted; A world of good nature that will always overcome evil.
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Obutsu sendo
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