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The Kage
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The Sect Byakugan
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 The Sect

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PostSubject: The Sect   The Sect Icon_minitimeTue Oct 26, 2010 11:07 pm

After being raised in a strict polygynous town setting and being kicked out when he turned sixteen by the male elders a young man decided to pick up and head elsewhere with is religious beliefs and morals to start his own polygynous town. Before he left town for good though he sneaked out some of his friends, both male and female. Then together they headed North to find a part of the country side that they could mold into their own town. It took them some years, but finally they had found what would become Tumbledale. Building it up themselves from the ground up road by road and building by building they soon had something that resembled the beginning of a town.

Throughout the generations Tumbledale has grown into a rather diverse town given it's polygynous ways. The poorer families often send their men to work at the mines up in the mountains, while the richer families usually has at least one man that works outside of town. You might be surprised that not all the members of this sect practice the polygynous part of their religion. As practice has shown these families are usually sent to go live up along the mountainside as a form of punishment.

Within the past decade their prophet has found more souls to take into their mist and has started up another town elsewhere. The Prophet now spends most of his time at the other town as he helps it grow and he molds it to be of the same standards as Tumbledale. He is one of the most loved, the most hated, and the most mysterious person the residents of Tumbledale know. When he is in town he hardly ever talks to much of anyone and keeps within the wall of the temple. There during services it is rumored that he watches his followers as they grow up.

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The Sect
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