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Site Directory at Whoniverse-rp Byakugan
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 Site Directory at Whoniverse-rp

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PostSubject: Site Directory at Whoniverse-rp   Site Directory at Whoniverse-rp Icon_minitimeThu Oct 28, 2010 2:49 pm

Site Directory at Whoniverse-rp Wpd

Looking for another site directory to advertise at? You are more than welcome to check our site out.

Whoniverse-rp Directory is a directory that is associated with Whoniverse-rp. After noting the sheer number of ads on our site, I decided to create a separate site as an ad directory.

Looking for a place to quickly find other sites related to your fandom or topic? The directory will list sites by specific categories. Have a Harry Potter site? We will have a Harry Potter section. Have a Pern site? We will have a Pern section. Have a Warriors Cat site? We will have a section for that. Every person that advertises on our directory will have a category created for their specific fandom or category. Hopefully this will allow people to find other sites in their respective categories faster, and you will get more traffic on your site -- traffic of people who are looking for your specific category.

Since I advertised on your site under Whoniverse-rp and you have advertised on Whoniverse-rp, I wanted to invite you to post your ad on our directory. Regardless of whether you decide to post an ad in our directory, your ad at Whoniverse-rp will certainly remain. The directory site is just an additional place to advertise your site.

Thank you for your time. Smile

Any board is welcome to advertise with us, so long as it meets our requirements (your site must not have any adult content on the site -- including private messages, password protected boards, or adult marked threads).

Check it out!

We are a proboards forum.

site submission/ads ♥️ rules

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Site Directory at Whoniverse-rp
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