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Welcome Guest to Shinobis World! If you're a new member, you probably don't know how to navigate throughout the forum. Well, here's where you start out first. First off, Introduce yourself. If you're interested in joining into the RP, then you must first make a character. You may find the template in this section, also, be sure to read the Forum Rules
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「Night's Ascent」 Byakugan
You have a chance to become Member of the Month! We'll also have a Staff of the Month after we obtain more staff members. Also, the RPG will officially start up as soon as our plot is set up. Please stay tuned for that.


 「Night's Ascent」

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「Night's Ascent」 Empty
PostSubject: 「Night's Ascent」   「Night's Ascent」 Icon_minitimeSat Oct 30, 2010 10:57 am

「Night's Ascent」 Plotbanner3

「 Night's Ascent 」
A Bleach Roleplay
Life hasn't been the same since the Three Year Massacre. The morale of Hueco Mundo's Hollows has never been higher, while the Gotei 13 is at the brink of dissolution. This terse sense of peace between the three worlds has been rapidly deteriorating...

It's only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.


Night's Ascent is an AU Bleach site; a thriving forum consisting of dedicated, personable staff and fun-loving, enthusiastic members. Check out our plot, and choose your alliance: the noble Shinigami of the Seireitei, the prideful Hollows of Hueco Mundo, the maverick Vizard, or even your average (or not so average) Human! We'll take care of all your needs at Night's Ascent!


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「Night's Ascent」
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