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THE BLUE Byakugan
You have a chance to become Member of the Month! We'll also have a Staff of the Month after we obtain more staff members. Also, the RPG will officially start up as soon as our plot is set up. Please stay tuned for that.



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PostSubject: THE BLUE   THE BLUE Icon_minitimeSun Nov 07, 2010 10:02 am

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THE BLUE 5xpzle
THE BLUE is an interactive sci-fi RPG geared towards story, character development, and fun!
We welcome all levels here and face claims are optional. We are also cross-browser compatible.

THE BLUE takes place in the fictional future of Earth, where Earth is now a desert wasteland torn into territories that are run by criminal organizations. The only hope for the people of Earth is to aim for the sky, where the paradisaical floating islands called Elysia rest. However, even Elysia has its own problems to deal with in the form of power-hungry nobles and sky pirates. With Earth gone to hell and Elysia not exactly paradise either, is there any hope for the people of either countries?

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