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Persona Awake Byakugan
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 Persona Awake

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PostSubject: Persona Awake   Persona Awake Icon_minitimeSun Nov 07, 2010 11:13 am

Persona Awake Xkrm6g

Welcome to the city of Gishou, the setting of our dark tale. It is a very modern town, having grown rapidly in the past few years. though despite this quick growth and modernization some traces of the old city can still be seen. As a representation of where the city came from, a large shrine rests in the middle of town where local celebrations are often held.

Though many strange things can be seen from the shrine at night, it feels like the overall tone of the city has become darker as of late. Strange sightings abound near the temple, and the large buildings that surround it are lined with corpses, all ripped to pieces.

Rumor has it that the murders are perpetrated by demons, others speak of some vengeful spirit that resents all of this urbanization. Still others say that it's the corporations to blame for these murders. Though the events appear unlinked there are those who insist that a connection must exist, others choose to ignore these signs and live their lives unknowing of what transpires at night.

Though everyone comes from different walks of life. Some people understand the connection but let it go, others revel in the madness filling the city, and some choose to investigate but always seem to vanish without a trace, their presences like some forlorn memory that we cannot recall, 'forgotten' as though they'd never existed.

It's among these strange happenings that some of the younger residents of the city have begun to experience strange dreams. Dreams of falling through a sea of butterflies and landing in a floating cage, where they'll be visited by a man with a white mask. The man is said to reveal the true nature of those who come to visit, to unsheathe the soul and summon one's hidden power from the sea of one's consciousness, a guardian that emerges from one's innermost thought, he calls this power 'Persona'.

Though the question is with such a big city, and so many different lives how will you chose to use such a gift? Will you fight against the rising evil, lay low and carry out your own agendas, or revel in the massacre, allowing the city to turn to hell?
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Persona Awake
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