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Bleach:Destiny's Door Byakugan
You have a chance to become Member of the Month! We'll also have a Staff of the Month after we obtain more staff members. Also, the RPG will officially start up as soon as our plot is set up. Please stay tuned for that.


 Bleach:Destiny's Door

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PostSubject: Bleach:Destiny's Door   Bleach:Destiny's Door Icon_minitimeSun Nov 07, 2010 6:37 pm

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Bleach: Destiny's Door is a new Bleach RP site set up with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in mind, all are welcome...except for spammers and people that just want to cause trouble of course. The staff on the site are responsible and active, not to mention friendly Smile The site incorporates canon Bleach characters (that are not dead in the series) and also welcomes OC's/original characters.

The Current Plot:

The Disappearance Arc
After having defeated their enemies and restoring peace to the Soul Society once more, they had it snatched from their grasp yet again. On what seemed a normal night a far from normal phenomenon took place. An eerie light rippled through the skies of all worlds; human, soul society, hueco mundo..none could not look up and see the spectacle. At first it was thought that it was no more than a pretty yet unusual light in the sky...that was before the morning came.

All over there came cries for help as people were not found, they had simply disappeared without a trace. Captains, lieutenants, seated officers, arrancar, espada, vizard, bounts, and quincy's all missing. Searches were carried out with no signs of those that had gone that night. There was only one option for those remaining, rebuild what was lost. So as all races rebuild their ranks with those that remain thoughts still linger in their minds over why and how the missing left.

Reports are amassing, and the number of missing quickly growing in number. Now was the time for all races to rebuild their ranks before something else happens.

So come on check it out see if you like it, what do you have to lose? nothing that's what and you may have alot to gain
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Bleach:Destiny's Door
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