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Item Name: Kunai (4 Pack)
Description: A basic kunai, an essential and basic ninja weapon. It can be thrown or wielded as if a hand-to-hand knife, making it a versatile weapon. It has a small loop on the end of the handle that can be threaded with a wire to control it better or can be used to spin it at fast speeds.
Cost: 250$

Item Name: Senbon (10 pack)
Description: A senbon is a slender and sharp metal rod that is used to penetrate armor and hit precise points on the body. It is a favored weapon of Hunter Nin due to it's light weight and high precision, as well as being hard to see and detect until it hits your enemy. Distance weapon.
Cost: 250$

Item Name: Shuriken (12 Pack)
Description: A shuriken is a throwing star. Generally, they have 4 points and can be thrown multiples at a time, in which time you can escape or attack your enemy while they are distracted by the incoming flurry of metal knives. Distance weapon.
Cost: 300$

Item Name: Scalpel (2)
Description: A sharp and small knife. They can be used to cut open a person for medical or battle reasons. A good scalpel user is just as dangerous, if not more so, than a person with a kunai. They are quicker, but only close ranger and are very sharp and precise.
Cost: 250$

Item Name: Demon Windmill Shuriken
Description: A large shuriken with 4 blades that can be folded up to be stored. They are a larger and more powerful version of Shuriken, being a large weapon and hard to miss. What it lacks in stealth, it more than makes up in terms of sheer power. This is, generally, only able to be tossed and not used in close combat.
Cost: 500$

Item Name: Wires (14 pack)
Description: Wires are mainly used to either bind an enemy or to control thrown weapons more accurately. What makes these a good weapon is the light weight and low visibility of the wires, allowing you to capture an enemy or kill them silently.
Cost: 300 $

Item Name: Trench Knives
Description: Knives with knuckles. These are close range, but can be thrown. They are one of the easiest weapons to make with a chakra absorbing material, allowing them to be the better used items for training your elemental nature transformation. They are generally sharp on both sides of the knife and dull, but hard on the knuckles where the fist holds them.
Cost: 300$

Item Name: Soldier Pills (20 Pack)
Description: Soldier pills are small red pills that give the user a boost in chakra and stamina, allowing them to last much longer in a fight than normal. With this pill, one person is said to be able to fight for three days, though this is an exaggeration. It is a consumable tool, but to many at once will cause adverse affects to your health, such as fatigue or bodily exhaustion, or a chakra build up. Do not take more than one every 8 posts.
Cost: 800 $

Item Name: Flash Bombs (10 Pack)
Description: A flash bomb is a ninja tool used for escapes. When the bomb goes off, anyone near it will get caught in the blast and be blinded for a few seconds, causing the enemy to be left open or give an opportunity for the enemy to run. One use each.
Cost: 400 $

Item Name:Exploding Tags (5 pack)
Description: A staple ninja weapon. These tags can be attached to anything, even animals and then can be detonated so that whatever they are attached to explodes. The Tags are only good for one use, but can be used for a myriad of reasons.
Cost: 350$

Item Name: Rope Javelin
Description: A rope javelin is a long rope with a sharp needle at the end for a balance and for an offensive purpose. These weapons are generally wielded by the sand village and are rather hard to control. They make wide sweeping motions, so a forest or enclosed area makes them hard to use effectively.
Cost: 500 $

Item Name: Kama
Description: A kama is a moon-shaped blade attached to a small handle. The blade fits perfectly around a neck and is a good assassination tool. The weapon is quick-ish and accurate, faster than a sword, but making wider swings.
Cost: 600 $

Item Name: Sword
Description: A simple sword. The blade is one metal, generally steel, while the handle is wooden or some other object that can absorb the hit and keep your arms from going numb by dissipating the hits before they hit your hand. These are a bit slower than a kama, but move in much smaller arcs and can change mid-arc.
Cost: 1000 $

Item Name: Makibishi (40 Pack)
Description: Small spikes dropped on the ground to hurt any opponent who walks into them. They embed themselves in the enemies feet and get pushed in further the more the enemy moves around. They generally have to be dropped in packs of 10 to be effective.
Cost: 150 $

Item Name: Tanto (Short Sword)
Description: A short sword with a more limited reach than a normal sword, but with a much faster speed and can easily move in and out of an enemy quick. This weapon makes short, swift movements.
Cost: 500 $

Item Name: Smoke Bombs
Description: Generally used with flash bombs, these allow you to get into an enemies blind spot without being seen or noticed, but it does wear off a bit slower than the flash bomb, meaning both people are obstructed by the smoke.
Cost: 450 $

Item Name: Sleeping Gas Bomb
Description: A bomb filled with sleeping gas to put the enemy to sleep quickly and effectively.
Cost: 450 $

Item Name: Blood Increasing Pill (15)
Description: This is a pill used to increase the body's blood production. This helps a medical nin keep her/his patient alive long enough to do some operations. A staple medic nin object.
Cost: 600 $

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