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Naruto: Lucid Dream {We need Staff Members} Byakugan
You have a chance to become Member of the Month! We'll also have a Staff of the Month after we obtain more staff members. Also, the RPG will officially start up as soon as our plot is set up. Please stay tuned for that.


 Naruto: Lucid Dream {We need Staff Members}

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PostSubject: Naruto: Lucid Dream {We need Staff Members}   Naruto: Lucid Dream {We need Staff Members} Icon_minitimeSat May 14, 2011 12:42 pm

Naruto: Lucid Dream {We need Staff Members} Lucid10


Official Storyline

Years ago. A Meteor landed into earth. Little was to know about this Meteor. That meteor turned out to come from an Evil Rouge group known as the Black Moon organization. The leader of the Black Moon Organization was known as. Shinigami, Kratos. Kratos Shinigami created this group to take back what was his. The minor village Amegakure took this scroll of forbidden jutsu, and claimed that it were there's. However, there was a huge problem with their plan. Apparently, Amegakure has told Sunagakure about the scroll. The village of the sand, known as Sunagakure wanted more power. So they went to war with Amegakure. The Black Moon Organization decided to take a look at the war, cause they wanted to find out how it would have ended. So Kratos sent a member to spy on the war. This war was known as the radiance war.

Five years later after the war, Kratos Shinigami finally got back what was his. The forbidden scroll. It may summon any Tailed Beast, and many more. Cause of this. Earth was in danger. Sunagakure and Amegakure were both destroyed. Only member's that weren't destroyed were the kages of both villages, and the guardians of the kages. Other then that, both of there villages were destroyed. So Sunagakure went over to get help from his allies Konoha, and Amegakure went over to there allies, which were the Mizugakure. Two years later, Both Sunagakure and Amegakure, have fully recovered. Black Moon Organization have been watching through a distance. Sunagakure and Amegakure haven't contacted each other ever since the radiance war. They didn't even bother to be allies again.

Black Moon Organization decided to attack every village. Now that they had their scroll back. The Evil Organization were invincible. Two months later. Meteors started falling down on earth. They started falling down through each and every village. The Evil Organization then used the forbidden jutsu to bring back everybody from the dead. Which includes Sungakaure's old allies, and Amegakure's old allies. Everybody was fighting, including Shinigami, Kratos. But at the same time, Meteors were still falling. This war lasted for many months. The Black Moon Organization ended up winning. Although two of there members died. Each of the five shinobi nations were looking for there village savings so they could cover the cost of the damage.

Ten years later, a whole new generation was born. New members came to action, new fighters, and many more. The Evil Rouge group, Black Moon Organization have revived both of there dead members. Although, Shinigami, Kratos still had the forbidden scroll. Who will be the new fighters of each village? What will the Black Moon Organization leader do? What will happen to the future now? You decide your path, in this new shinobi era known as Naruto: Lucid Dreams.

What is Naruto
Lucid Dream?

Naruto: Lucid Dream is a friendly role playing base forum that was created in Apr. 24, 2011. The staff members here are very kind, same goes for all the regular members. If you afraid to start a whole new generation of role playing. You can ask any of the members of the community for help. We will be willing to assist you without a problem. There are many things you would encounter in this site. Here are some stuff you will mostly encounter;

  • Ninjas Role playing.
  • Tournaments.
  • Challenges.
  • Wars and battles.

    and much more.

Naruto: Lucid Dream {We need Staff Members} Naruto12

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Naruto: Lucid Dream {We need Staff Members}
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