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Naruto Blazinginferno Byakugan
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PostSubject: Naruto Blazinginferno   Naruto Blazinginferno Icon_minitimeMon Dec 20, 2010 10:53 am

The world as you know it has been altered..changed due to the result of a climatic battle between kages of years past into the dystopian future it is now. Hundreds of years have past since the old world and advances in technology have created 5 mega-cities where the old villages used to stand each complete with their own life support system for the now barren earth the countless wars reducing the bountiful planet to the barren rock and dessert that it is now. However in light of this destruction the nations still bicker and fight prompting the rise of the United Government a powerful military force which currently occupies Inferno and maintains the order in the world. However even the United Government is completely pure, corruption has found its way into their ranks with both the creation of the Soulless based on surviving records of powerful beings called Chakra beasts as well as the current imprisonment of 8 out of the 9 tailed beasts, The new United Government seeks to retain all the power to itself crushing any one that opposes it. Eventually the other cities grew to fear it their individual will crushed after repeated failed rebellions and the appointment of figure head Kages by the United Government.

However their is hope, the 5 great cities with help from an unlikely ally Hagane have proposed a rebellion unlike the ones in the past. They will strike...at the heart of Inferno..The Kyuubi.


Basically a futuristic based Naruto rp forum. Since their are no Kages to rule over you most people are low ranking making for more fights..and I know you like fights.
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Naruto Blazinginferno
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